The team

This project was started by Mike Sutton, a technologist based in Spain. He called out for help in creating a platform to track the spread of COVID-19, and a lot of incredible people answered his call.

We are 138 people, from over 10 countries and across multiple disciplines and professions, including business, software development, UX, marketing, engineering and the sciences. We’re all working together, remotely.

The core team

Alasdair Cross


London, United Kingdom

Andrei Nasonov

Product Design

Berlin, Germany

Anton Wilson

Business Process

Manchester, UK

Asaf Shahar

UX Writer / Content strategist


Carole Egerton


London, UK

Elena Savinova

Software Quality


Gladys Tapia

Software Quality

Barcelona, Spain

Ivana Osećanski Despić

Software Developer


Juan P. Maestre

Research Associate at The Univ. Texas at Austin

Texas, USA

Maik Nogens

Software Quality

Hamburg, Germany

Masha Surovtseva

Software Quality

Barcelona, Spain

Mike Sutton

Technology / Startups

Malaga, Spain

Companies that have helped with material support


Translation Software


Zoodikers Consulting

Marketing and Social Media Support


Details of dozens of other volunteers and our advisory board to follow...